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Loves to Joke by kitsune019
Loves to Joke
Pride- Royal (Birth)
Relations- Son to Koda / Luna II, Brother to Takashi / Faline / Halina / Hazina / Sofia, Mate to Lola, Father to Mufasa II / Kara / Fara.



Here's Kosi my adorable little lion
Down Right Angry by kitsune019
Down Right Angry
Pride- Ivory (Birth)


I will put her relations up later just having a lazy day
Someone to lean on by kitsune019
Someone to lean on
Pride- Zalevale pride (Birth)
Relations- Mate to Vihanni Father to Mosi / Paki / Simisola / Tafari / Tau / Sauda / Tendai / Sipho / Makena
A Gentle Soul by kitsune019
A Gentle Soul
Pride- ValeZale (Birth)
Relations- Daughter to Vitani / Tomi, Sister to Ruko / Shani, Mate to Kgosi, Mother of Mosi / Paki / Simisola / Tafari / Tau / Sauda / Tendai / Sipho / Makena.


Vihanni was the third born cub to Vitani and Tomi, the youngest out of the other two cubs Ruko and Shani. Vihanni was a daddy's girl you would always see her with her dad everyday of every week. Vihanni's older siblings love her to death, but never had time to play with her for they were busy being teens, so that left her to play with the other cubs within the pride.

Vihanni personality was of her father's Tomi and the kingdom fell in love with that personality for it remind them greatly of Tama and Malka. The kingdom thought that Vihanni would progress greatly of being the Queen of the kingdom, but a different path was awaiting for Vihanni.

As she grew it was from there that they saw that she had no interest in being the Queen, but it wouldn't matter anyway for their father had choose her older brother Ruko for it after all it was tradition for him to take it he was first born. So Vihanni became his Advisor for Shani had gone and disappear at this time with a lion that call himself Takashi, but being in your Mid-Teen and a royal Advisor it was had for Vihanni.

As much as she loved her brother and his queen she had dropped the role of his royal advisor to seek other opinions of the start of her Adult hood, Ruko was glad she did so for being his advisor he saw how it drained her happiest away. After being free from something she was glad she got the chance to do, but never loved to do. Vihanni had the time to hang out with her most cherish friend Kgosi, he has always been there for her no matter the case.

Kgosi was glad he has his best friend back and so was Vihanni glad to be with him, but as Vihanni was getting comfy with Kgosi grief hit the kingdom, their late king Tomi had contacted a life threating disease. It hurt Vihanni the most for he was her favorite and she was his baby girl, it took a lot of convincing to get Vihanni away from her father to the rest of the Pride and the Kingdom to say their final good-byes, so they could lay him to rest.

Vihanni's mother Vitani was sadden to see her most cherish mate pass, but she wasn't the only one that was missing him deeply her youngest child had dwindle into depression, Kgosi took it upon himself to make sure that Vihanni didn't do anything to harm herself into taking her own life. Vihanni never had those itching of suicide she knew it wouldn't solve anything, but she took to just laying about the lands staring into nothing, she wasn't interested into doing anything.

After a month or so she finally came back to her sense thanks to Kgosi who had never left her side during her depress state, Vihanni is grateful to have Kgosi in her life it made it easier for her to not feel so alone. After that those two were inseparable, after a year or so Vihanni and Kgosi tried to start a new chapter in their life, a start of a their own family. 

 During Vihanni's first pregnancy she went into labor month and half early the result to it leaving three stillborn two handsome boys and a beautiful little girl, it broke Vihanni and Kgosi's hearts of there little ones being stillborns, but they name nonetheless. The names they had select for them were one of the boys was named Mosi meaning 'First (Child)', the other boy name Paki 'Witness', and the girl Simisola ' Rest in Wealth'.

Vihanni and Kgosi tried again the next season, but her second pregnancy turn to be like the first, leaving two stillbirths sons, Tafari and Tau. Vihanni was losing all hopes of having any cubs of her own and it was tossing her back into depression. It was also hurting Kgosi as well but he didn't give up and he wasn't going to let Vihanni feel hopeless either, they wait two more seasons to try again.

Vihanni's third pregnancy was a success, she went through the full term with this litter which result of two boys and two girls, The girls were named Sauda and Tendai, The boys were named Sipho and Makena. Vihanni was happy to finally have a family of her own that she always wanted, but she laid there resting she knew something wasn't right not with her cubs, but with her, she was feeling more tired than she normally were and her version was heavy. Vihanni knew of one thing she was dying it took all of her remaining strength to tell Kgosi that the cubs would need a lot of love and care for and it was hard for him to accept it, but he did with sunkin heart that his mate has passed with a loving smile and leaving behind her legacy for him to care for.

Vihanni never thought of leaving that world like she did, but at least Kgosi took it with a loving embrace that she'll be watching and it wasn't far from the truth she was and always will be along side her father and grandfather and so on.
So here is Vihanni who I recently adopted from :icontennie-mo:
I hope she likes how she came out

I was listening to this song as I was writing this :…
Surivor by kitsune019
Pride- Ivory (Birth)
Relations- Son to Zivo / Nekia, Brother to Nunka II / Kaila II / Kia / Ruki / Ozzy, Mate to Edisa, Father to Danuwa / Uki / Lekia/ ??????? ,  Adopted Father to Lesedi / Bupe
Odd One Out by kitsune019
Odd One Out
Pride- Ivory (Birth) / Rogue (Choice) / Ivory (Return Home)
Relations- Son to Zivo / Nekia, Brother to Nunka II / Kaila II / Luka / Kia / Ozzy, Mate to Sandra, Father to Kora / Korlia / Dontell


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love to read almost about anything love to write things that are all my mind, and I love to draw I use to draw people but I have been having trouble getting the face and body the way I want them to be. Also to know I've been teaching myself how to draw lions and wolves. I love to draw other things but it's hard to get it going at times.

I'm also a huge Criminal Minds fan and my favorite agent is Derek Morgan. He's so handsome and just so hard not to drool over him.

Okay So I'm only able to draw Felines at the moment and I have drawn some Human faces but they aren't any good.

If you wish to chat come here:…

here's a video I found on youtube that you guys might like :

Favourite genre of music: ROCK, pop rock, hip hop, and some others, oh I hate country
Favourite photographer: Norman Reedus
Favourite style of art: about any kind of style of art
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Got a lot of things going on, but I'm still getting art out very slowly for a wall has been put in front of me, the only art I've been putting up are some old art that I'm re doing. Free KIARA Animated journal doll by Osayioniwabo
  • Mood: Overwhelmed
  • Listening to: The english ladye and the knight
  • Reading: Halo: Fall Of Reach
  • Watching: Criminal Minds
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: sandwich
  • Drinking: Pepsi

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