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Stubborn Friend by kitsune019
Stubborn Friend
Falkner - '
Pride- Rogue (Birth) / Dry westerns (Adopted into)
Relations- Mate to Rena Father to Ukla / Olpa Best friend/Adopted brother to Walilis


Okay there's not much I can go on about this guy, but his story will come.
I adopted this guy from Cynderthedragon5768 and haven't gotten around to draw him till now.
I like how he came out but I think his head is a little too big for him.Oh Noes!  But I don't want to fix it!:P (Lick) 

Falkner, Artwork Design, Shading, all belongs to me
Star Gazing by kitsune019
Star Gazing
Bomani and Myra Star gazing. Bomani was supposed to have scars, but got lazy at the end! Pearl and Amethyst Emote 2 
Myra came out great in this!Starlight Glimmer (smile) plz 
Bomani came out great as well! Loki's wink 

Well off to do something else!Lion running icon 

Myra, Bomani, Color schemes, Design, shading, background, and the whole art piece belongs to me
Uh-oh by kitsune019
Title says it all!CURSE YOU!  I drew this a couple of days ago with my mouse not drawing tablet, man does it suck! I think I've fainted. 
Well going to go do something else now! Time to haul ass out of here! 
Kingdoms Diamond by kitsune019
Kingdoms Diamond
Uru - Diamond
Pride - Royal (Birth)
Relations - Daughter to Mohotu / Taili Sister to Ulia Mate to Ahadi Mother to Mufasa / Taka(Scar) / Uni

Uru belongs to Disney
Color Design, Artwork, shading, belong to me
Conquer of Kingdoms by kitsune019
Conquer of Kingdoms
Afoladi - 'Child with High Status'
Pride - Dark Kingdom Pride (Birth) / (Over Throne)
Relations- Brother to Ahney / Mate to Leina Father to Liela
Pencil Sketch of Afolabi by kitsune019
Pencil Sketch of Afolabi
Name mean 'Child with high Status'

Plz Do not copy, trace, steal, base create, or claim yours,(If Uploaded on other sites I will ask you to take it down.)  without a written permission from me. 

Afolabi, Sketch design all belongs to me kitsune019 
Improvement by kitsune019
The Drawing on the right is the drawing when I first started drawing TLK and man did I suck back then!
The Drawing on the left are the ones I'm comfortable with at the time being, and I'm still experimenting on different things to improve on my art work.
The only thing I'm having trouble with are backgrounds and maybe some good shading on them, and some different poses, but I'm doing okay for the time being.
Wrote by :iconclaire-cooper:

We don't like Art thieves! So if your against art Thieves share and re-post! like the message said below---------

PLEASE RE-POST THIS JOURNAL <-----------------------------------------------

Yep lets see we have a few new thieves that haven't been posted on my long list and I doubt you all want to read to find out who the updates are so I'll be posting them here. One of the thieves have a deviantart. A person who goes by the name MadameJustine1 

Any of your lion king art she faves she posts upon here facebook page:

She also uses bases without proper credit.

---------------------UPDATE Version 0.1-----------------------

Yes as it says. This page sorry pages has taken art work from other artists as well as stolen work and they not only take claim of it they post it upon facebook. They post their own copy right mark and all. So artists please I know some of you know who they belong too please help me out and report these pages. They have blocked me of course for calling them out. This journal needs to be shared please.……

OH and here we have a Kiara fan page who states that she doesn't have to remove the work, states she credited but it's a load of bullshit. Not only that she even stated that those of us who told her to credit don't know the artists... HOW Quaint and how wrong she is. 

Please help me knock her down a peg by showing her my journals and proof of the fact I know the artists, if this isn't enough then she clearly has no brain in that head of hers. Nor do her other admins if they continue to ignore the obvious -_-…

I have a list of pictures she's stolen and hasn't credited like she says she has and wow would you look at this list!
She and her admins have stolen the following pictures: Kopa and Kiara remake by TC-96 mother daughter bonding by TC-96 A Moment of Peace by KanuTGL Kiara Luggage by dukacia Kovu's Aid by Capricornfox King Kovu by TLK-Ileana Kiara with Simba by Lil-Cheetah Kiara In The Jungle by dukacia Simba's Family by AnnaGiladi Life Lessons by Capricornfox Kovu's Pride and Joy CH.1 by Capricornfox Saffi and Nala - Afternoon nap by Katikut Before The Solo Hunt by dyb Sacrifice by TLK-Ileana Fireflies - Kopa by Katikut In loving memory... by ShilaDaLioness Caught in the Pridelands by 9Taria6 -+-Simba And Kiara -+- by Nizira-Hathor Daddy's tail by HydraCarina Fight by Juffs Nala's cubbies by Ashpri .:Until Dawn:. by Gabychan91 Kopa and Kiara by Arceus55 tlk -hs- page 91 by kati-kopa Pop-Pop's day care by isuru077 If I Never Knew You by KanuTGL Kovu and Kiara by rikusumi Far from home by kotenokgaff Kopa and Kiara by Arceus55 Free as a bird by Kitchiki Kiara's Decision by HydraCarina Don't cry by Juffs Brother and Sister by AudreyCosmo13 A peaceful evening by TLK-Ileana Under the Stars by octopewz Sarabi and Kiara by HydraCarina Before Zira's Rage by rikusumi Nala and Kiara by HydraCarina 

There are a few I had trouble finding but these are most of them.

Now there is one annoying girl- sorry two or three of them who trace over artist's work and keep them for themselves. Now meet Maressa 
She traces over mostly Hydracarina's work. Anyway here's her page:… I commented on calling her out to being a tracing thief with proof and she deleted everything I posted she is by far the most pathetic person in the world -_- not the most but she's sure as hell is up there with a good list of people.

She has traced over the following lovely pictures: Sarafina by Elbel1000Sarabi and her siblings by TakadkUru Portrait by WhiteKimya Nala and Kiara by HydraCarina and of course the image below is another one. I had a hard time finding it but still found it -_-…

I commented on her with links to them both and she deleted them all

Then we have her "daughter" Ulinzi:…

She has traced over the following images: Nala and Kiara by HydraCarina Push by DJCoulzAnimalsOnly Ahadi and Uru: Morning Dew by DJCoulzAnimalsOnly Simba and Nala as cubs by HydraCarina Be prepared! by X-Zelfa The Hunt  by tauwnycat Cousins by HydraCarina *Traced over Jana twice* Hey you! by X-Zelfa… This one was taken from Eyesinthedark666's picture of Kiara and baby Tiyee. She removed it from her gallery so sadly can't really locate the original. This one was also traced as well:…

OH and this girl here named Asura who traces over all kinds of artists including SickRogue and more :…

There's also this problem. Thieves are taking your art and putting it in their blogs, without credit or permission.

I only have two for now but will add more eventually:… &…

Also there's this girl -_- 
<da:thumb id="395405121"/>
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Partners in War by kitsune019
Partners in War
My noble Six standing next to Noble Five Jorge-052 Spartan I

The watermark is there to clarify that I took the screenshot. 

Noble Five and the game belongs to Microsoft
My version of Noble Six belongs to me
Sad day by kitsune019
Sad day
Upset about their brother Ita leaving the Pride.

I love how Easla came out, but Walilis He looks a little off to me but oh well, it took me 4 hours to get this all done and man does my hand hurt!

Easla, Walilis, Artwork Design, Color Design, Shading, Background all done by me.


kitsune019's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love to read almost about anything love to write things that are all my mind, and I love to draw I use to draw people but I have been having trouble getting the face and body the way I want them to be. Also to know I've been teaching myself how to draw lions and wolves. I love to draw other things but it's hard to get it going at times.

I'm also a huge Criminal Minds fan and my favorite agent is Derek Morgan. He's so handsome and just so hard not to drool over him.

Okay So I'm only able to draw Felines at the moment and I have drawn some Human faces but they aren't any good.

If you wish to chat come here:…

here's a video I found on youtube that you guys might like :

Favourite genre of music: ROCK, pop rock, hip hop, and some others, oh I hate country
Favourite photographer: Norman Reedus
Favourite style of art: about any kind of style of art
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Got a lot of things going on, but I'm still getting art out very slowly for a wall has been put in front of me, the only art I've been putting up are some old art that I'm re doing. Free KIARA Animated journal doll by Osayioniwabo
  • Mood: Overwhelmed
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  • Reading: Halo: Fall Of Reach
  • Watching: Criminal Minds
  • Playing: Skyrim
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